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If so, I hope they highlight the reasons well. Yes, I can admit that I always prefered TV Sansa over her book counterpart but in season 6, I started to like her even more, to the point that she became my favorite character.

I love this site. Brittney white naked. Sansa is one of my favorite characters in the books and the show because of her dramatic arc and character evolution, along with Jaime, Theon and a few others. L MormontI agree. Sophie turner game of thrones hot. Even then, people cheered like crazy… The thing is after all that time the Starks had been put down and abused, the satisfaction of getting revenge might just outweigh any other message they wanted to convey which is also due to fact that they made the RW an absolute horror and gore fest.

The legends do not deal with the aftermath; they end with the dramatic victory. At Winterfell, he had to be saved by the Vale army. I would never think you are a fan of her. I am not quite certain on that one but he may die trying to redeem himself for what he may perceive as his past betrayal of his family; — Meera? Hopefully, they will come up with something both ethically satisfying and sustainably pragmatic. This is my way of thinking also, she helps get her home and family back, there will be conflict eventually she will have to end LF and get back to her book version where we know from GRRM Alaynne snippet that Sansa knows LF is buying up the food sources, she can use those resources to feed the people and give aid to the North.

SerNoNameDo not understand me wrong. Yoga class naked. It cannot drag because there is only 7 episodes. Arya seems safe as always. In fact, I can even see Jon to be blamed first of all — he needs more shades of grey after all and this would be a good opportunity to add him some. On a very futile sidenote, may I point out how gifted Lino Facioli is at physical comedy? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Quite frankly, I do not think any of the skills Arya acquired with the Faceless Men would translate well on a battlefield, be it against a regular army or the White Walkers.

She may have even been genetically modified in some laboratory that's sole purpose is to create women who slay the red carpet. She has appeared in all seven seasons of Game of Thrones so far. All of that experience affected her very much and will have major effects on her decisions moving forward. Apollohaters gonna hate She WILL almost betray Jon next season, but she wont… she will come through as a Stark in the end I feel quite sure that this is what will happen.

And her list is almost done. Couple this with possible foreshadowing from the first book Jon to Arya: She was a member of the theatre company Playbox Theatre Company since she was three years old.

So we are assuming she has not started filming cause her hair is still blonde. Japanese big ass xxx. They say this literally every year. The people on this site are generally very great. Lyanna Mormont has lordship of Bear Island.

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This will especially be the case in the show.

When the show comes to the end, there is always a polarizing reaction to the story. While he was dying being repeatedly stabbed by Rast and Grenn, Edd and co were fighting the mutineers Sam was off escaping with Gilly.

His emotional dynamic was rather interesting in Ep Like, they decide Ramsay needs to be executed, Jon Snow is ready to behead him, and instead Sansa Stark comes up with this twisted execution. Nude pussy slip. ApolloSame here. Is there some jealousy of Jon, yes I think there is. I am a very sensitive person. I always thought it would be Jon executing Sansa and Petyr both of whom will probably this seasonbut Arya doing it with Needle would fit. Sophie turner game of thrones hot. It actually looks like he has her finger in his hand.

I do think one of the dragons will go in season seven — probably Viserion for reasons.

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As for the body count, it will of course increase. And yet people cheer her on and then wish to deny any possible tarnishing of her character or her psyche long-term. Beautiful and sexy girls photos. Taking the facts of the story and putting them together to come to a conclusion is not showing dislike toward a character.

I agree with everyone, maybe she finds out the fate of Jorah good or bad Or maybe finding out that her brother had a son? I cannot see any of the Stark sisters dying in Season 7. Afterwards it comes out that it was all a misunderstanding and Sansa had been just pretending to go along with a plot of LF. She's basically a human swan. I get why people think Robin is going to die in the books, but in the show? Fourthly, why did Petyr, the brilliant game player, not prepare her before the meeting?

Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. View all TV Sites. Maybe the discovery of chocolate is the big twist ending the producers have been hinting at for the end of the series!

She also wants to be his closest friend and the most trusted adviser. However, when she fails to find her place in the world she fought for, she will fall into the deepest depression ever.

FirannionGod no. Linda ronstadt nude pictures. At the premiere of X-Men: Of cause, the truth did came out and Jon got really angry: To be honest, all substances, including the most essential, are technically poisonous if consumed in appropriate quantities water intoxication, though rare, is potentially lethal. Daenerys can give the whole north to Jorah if she wantsbut she already stated she needs Jorah beside her. I might still be dreaming right now. I want her to land in the North, meet Jon, understand that her forces are needed for the fight with the WW, etc.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. StargeryenI would also like to see more of Randyll Tarly. But they wanted the killing of Walder to be a surprise, so they did not show us the messiness of the slaughter Arya must have had.

They show off everything, so if you have a nice body, leggings are going to look amazing on you. Was it when she was being duped into marrying a psychopath? Trending Stars at Comic-Con. If she lands in the North, then Jon and co would probably get involved in the battle which means more fighting scenes for Jon.

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If you're with me, you'll know if I want to kiss you or not. Dawn Robinson 50 None. It's on my book shelf. Why do people have to point out her complexion? I just do what I want, when I want, and I love that. To me her most outstanding feature is her smooth chocolate colored skin Chanel Iman nipple slip.

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