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Impaled with an iron stick and lashed beauties have to watch. Big fake tits naked. You see the red marks. Naked women getting whipped. Another girl tries to stop it, and she ends up getting chased around the camp with a whip.

The warden delivers several blows with a cane to her back and upper shoulders, until she passes out and falls to the floor. The shots of the whipping are all reaction shots or extreme close ups of a part of her back, and the marks are unnecessarily gruesome looking. Being that sweet little girl who bends to your naughty desires. No bondage, they just stand there and take their punishment. Django Unchained - Love Crimes - Patrick Bergan crops a topless girl who is acting like a horse.

Cry of the Banshee - This is probably the only film that features cart-tail whipping that was so commonplace in England at one time. Eight strokes having been heard on the sound track. Xxx hot sexy girl com. Good whipping sound effects and a few frontal angles where the whip is seen curling onto her chest. She is tied kneeling at the foot of the bed, facing the headboard, with arms tied apart to the bed posts.

Prison de Mujeres - Brief scene with a female inmate hanging and naked, as a female guard is whipping her.

Jane Eyre - Supposed to have the whipping of a schoolgirl in it, probably with a switch. Land of the Pharaohs - Joan Collins is whipped on her back. Flash of Green, A - A woman is taken into the woods, tied to a tree, and whipped with belts by "vigilantes. Head in the Clouds - Charlize Theron opens the door to find Penelope Cruz kneeling on the floor with her back covered in whip marks.

She's fully clothed, but the back of her shirt has been ripped open in several places. Believe it or not, Franco is also an accomplished jazz musician. She finally goes too far with victoro Gasmann. Her wrists are duct taped to the sides of the frame. Unfortunately, that's all we get to see in this otherwise very tame Asian film. Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik-Yak, The - The only whippings in this film are those of some female chariot pullers, and we don't really get to see anything.

Erotic Rites of Frankenstein - Jess Franco vehicle has a scene where a man and woman are tied back to back. For your safety and privacy, this link has been disabled. Masala nude pics. Fake looking, but the woman's writhing is kinda nice. She's wearing a harem type outfit. Killers are Challenged - aka Bob Fleming Was a nice dramatic moment though. You see it but she is in th dark, so just an outline.

But what I saw was too short to be a real "classic one". Anyhoo, there's a scene towards the end of this snoozefest where Jeanne gets the back of her gown ripped off and is whipped.

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Later, we see a couple of girls treating the whip cuts - which now, of course, look completely different. Not a real attractive victim, but an interesting scene nonetheless.

She has committed the "sin" of desiring to escape to happiness with her young lover Kralahome is his name, I believe. Sexy white girls pictures. Most of the whipping is off-screen, and the few that are on are brief. Mondo Bizarro - In a fake Nazi play, a 'Jewish' girl is whipped. And in the third, a woman is made to walk around in a circle on a rope and whipped, firstly by Olga and then by another woman. Mulher Objeto - Midway through this softcore Brazilian film is a fairly long dream sequence in which Regina Helena Ramos fantasizes about being taken to a dungeon by a man and a woman.

She is sitting on the floor and the sheriff or bloke in charge of catching the outlaws cracks a bullwhip near her to frighten her. This is only shown for a split second then while the camera is on the main character being rescued, she is given a lengthy whipping which is heard but not seen.

She is forced to kneel for her whipping, which is stopped by John Agar. Eleni - Kate Nelligan has the soles of her feet beaten near the end of this film.

The woman is fully clothed, we don't see any marks on her, you never actually see any whipping and as you probably guessed this scene is rubbish.

Skinny brunette Ines in an outdoor drill under ultra strong. I finally got to see this so-so film with an excellent and lengthy whipping scene. Public nude contest. But that's not all. Naked women getting whipped. Live Cam Models - Online Now. Then about 10 or so women are lined up in a coffle with their ankles tied together and are taken out to the woods.

Crucible of Horror - Cute girl, crummy scene. One beautiful girl breaks the rules again and again, until she is punished. One scenes involve women strapped to a cross while being whipped across the front of her body. After she's taken inside, we get a good look at some bloody whip marks on her back.

She is tortured by a dominatrix villain Kala who whips her with a cat o' nine tails. Jorma taccone naked. A naked female prisoner is caned to death in a Hungarian prison.

Olga's House of Shame - There are three whipping scenes in this movie. Most of the whipping shots are from a long ways off, except for a couple of hits to the front of one of the women.

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It makes little sense, but it contains a scene in which Quinn invites Caine to administer a bullwhip to Candice's bare back. Thanks for the tip Anthony! When she's whipped, her shift is merely pulled down at the back, but for a couple of frames, one can see the garment slip off her shoulders, leaving her briefly naked to the waist. From Beyond - Thanks JS for reminding me of this one.

Has a scene where a woman's dress is pulled down to expose her upper back and reveal the belt marks that her 'lover' gave her. Worth a look, though it is a bit disturbing IMO. In the second, two women are tied to trees and whipped across their fronts. From Dusk Till Dawn 3: Years ago Winner sued brit paper News Of the World after they claimed he caned his black girlfriend.

Still, I would have preferred it if they were whipped from the back, but the uncut version is a definite improvement over the version I previously described. The scene is shown only from the front, so there's no shots of any marks on her back. At the conclusion, he uses the belt buckle on her and finishes by raping her right there on the ground.

The whipping is extremely fake, and the victim has some ugly eye make-up on her fact to make it look like an eye was gouged out. There are lots of good bloody marks look a little phony though. What helps this scene work well is that none of the girls can be sure that she won't be next.

Fair Wind to Java - Captured female island girl refuses to reveal the location of pearls, is taken to dungeon, tied, shift ripped to waist and whipped with cat.

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Unfortunately, Fu Manchu stops the whipping. Gorgeous blonde mistress has two slaves whipped at her feet K views.

Invitation to Ruin - There is a whipping in the "dungeon scene" that is edited out of some prints. Sucking black cock pics. Mandinga - Female slave whipped.

Later Bond ends up in room with her naked, and we get to see the savage marks on her back. Maitress - Gerard Depardieu whips a woman who is tied to a chair. Emmanuelle on Taboo Island An attractive woman is punished by an older man with several lashes across her back. Slapping huge tits Sal - the last movie by Pasolini: Face of Fu Manchu - A pretty Chinese girl is tied to a wall, arms outstretched, and her back is bared. Almost forgot, has another scene where a girl gets a couple of whacks with a stick across her clothed behind.

Blood Feast - A captured woman Toni Calvert has the back of her dress ripped off off-screen and is whipped to death on screen by Faud Ramses as part of a recipe to resurrect an Egyptian goddess. The Nazis have been kidnapping beautiful native girls and using them for their bizarre sexual desires.

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